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Fluke Calibration Low Phase Noise RF reference sources simplify RF calibration systems

The new 96270A and 96040A Low Phase Noise RF reference sources released by Fluke Calibration simplify RF and microwave calibration systems by replacing many of the instruments and accessories in existing systems.

Designed as user-friendly instruments for calibrating spectrum analysers, RF power sensors, and other devices, the new reference sources replace multiple instruments used for the same task, cutting the cost of RF calibration systems by up to 50 per cent.

Unlike many RF calibration solutions, the 96270A and 96040A RF reference sources are designed specifically for RF calibration, and feature a calibration-oriented user interface for simple learning and use, as well as accurate signal delivery direct to the UUT input (up to 27 GHz in the 96270A). The integrated frequency counter (300 MHz in the 96270A; 50 MHz in the 96040A) and dual power meter readout in the 96270A eliminate the need for additional instruments.

The 96270A covers more than 80 per cent of the test points required for calibrating spectrum analyser models below 27 GHz, and nearly all spectrum analysers of any frequency range. Self-characterisation in the 96270A eliminates the need to perform and apply time-consuming calculations of correction factors for each component in the signal delivery system.

The reference sources are automated with MET/CAL Plus Calibration Management Software, reducing complexity and calibration times, dramatically improving efficiency, and increasing capacity by 50 per cent or more over manual and semi-automated methods.

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