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FLOWSIC600-XT – Providing you with the perfect gas flow meter for any application

As the follow-up to the successful FLOWSIC600, the FLOWSIC600-XT ultrasonic gas flow measuring device is setting new standards in its market segment. The FLOWSIC600-XT is available in variants with 4, 4+1, 4+4, and 8 measurement paths to meet the requirements of every application, whether it is being used as a stand-alone or system solution. In addition to the OIML R 137 Class 1.0 requirements, the FLOWSIC600-XT meets the requirements of Class 0.5 and AGA9 in their entirety.

The FLOWSIC600-XT contains i-diagnostics™ – an intelligent application diagnostics function – and PowerIn Technology™, which enables continuous measurement operation for up to three weeks in the event of a mains voltage failure. These functions help ensure usability and unparalleled operational safety – and what’s more, the equipment offers the very best possible measurement accuracy and long-term stability.

Measurement data reliability and availability

The FLOWSIC600 ultrasonic gas flow measuring device already provided best-in-class long-term stability in extreme ambient conditions, and now the FLOWSIC600-XT combines the features of its predecessor with unprecedented usability. It meets all the requirements for safe and stable custody transfer gas measurement throughout its service life. Measurement and diagnostics data and status changes can be recorded permanently in six accessible data archives, and the FLOWSIC600-XT’s PowerIn Technology™ ensures that measurements continue to be taken and data stored in the event of a mains power failure.

Simple device integration – even in the compact systems

Continuous improvement of ultrasound technologies has become something of a tradition in Dresden, Germany. The FLOWSIC600-XT boasts state-of-the-art measurement technology, meaning it delivers extremely precise measurement results. Compliant with ISO 17089 and AGA9 and compatible with its predecessor the FLOWSIC600, it can be integrated successfully into any system. Plus, the new FLOWSIC600-XT Forte meets the requirements of compact installations and complies with all of the specifications of OIML R 137 Classes 1.0 and 0.5.

Quick and easy device commissioning and checks

i-diagnosticsTM helps make device commissioning and status checks quick and easy, and provides extensive flow meter and application diagnostics during operation. Should maintenance ever be required, the intelligent solution assistant provides support. The built-in infrared interface means measured value and diagnostics data can be accessed in no time, making servicing quick and efficient.

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