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Flow Power teams up with Visit Victoria

Energy retailer Flow Power has announced a partnership with Visit Victoria and White Night 2018, with a theme of ‘What If?’

Together with White Night and Melbourne architectural office, The Office of Culture, Technology and Architecture, Flow Power will shine a spotlight on Melbourne’s emerging energy future, and what this might look like in 2030.

As the first commercial sponsor of White Night 2018, Flow Power will be hosting an industry-only preview event and exhibition, to start a conversation about how energy consumption will shape Australia’s future cities.

The collaborative project between Flow Power and OCTA reveals the potential outcomes of the cleaner energy future that Flow Power is working towards.

OCTA’s exhibition imagines the potential effects of changes in energy and their ramifications upon technology and everyday objects. The immersive exhibition will feature artefacts dating from 2018 to 2030 in a proposed retrospective that highlights the effects of energy consumption and production on our day-to-day lives.

Everyday objects as well as Flow Power’s landmark kWatch Intelligent Energy Controller and its first PPA contract are reimagined as objects of historical significance, marking key moments in Melbourne’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

James Bowman Fletcher of OCTA, comments, “Something we wanted to emphasise in the exhibition is that a fairer and better use of the world’s resources cannot only come from technological advancement filtering down from the developed world.”

“Change must also occur in the way we think about how, and who consumes and produces power. Not only how much, or what type of power we consume.”

Flow Power is the first energy retailer to offer Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements in Australia (PPAs), a trend that has been recognised globally by companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google as a smarter, cleaner and more cost-effective way to consume power.

Matthew van der Linden, Managing Director of Flow Power, comments, “At Flow Power, we ask ‘what if?’, because it allows us to continually come up with forward-thinking and innovative solutions to help our customers and enable a brighter energy future for Australia.”

“We recognise the importance of partnering with like-minded local groups such as OCTA, to continually drive the conversation on innovation forward.”

Flow Power is pushing for an energy future that is not only cleaner but smarter. Last February, it would have only taken 500 medium-sized businesses powering down to stop the forced blackouts that affected South Australia.

In partnership with White Night and OCTA, Flow Power hopes to reshape the conversation around power consumption to encourage a smarter and cleaner energy future.


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