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Flow Power signs deal with Burra Foods

Melbourne-based energy retailer Flow Power has today announced that it has entered into a large-scale Renewable Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Burra Foods, a leading Australian dairy ingredient processor.

The deal will bring Burra Foods closer to meeting its ambitious energy efficiency goals and give the business direct access to secure low-cost renewable energy over a ten-year period. The renewable power, sourced from Ararat Wind Farm, is expected to deliver annual savings in excess of 20 per cent and can be used in real time to offset grid electricity consumption.

“As a business, Burra Foods has very bold sustainability targets and we have invested heavily in renewable energy solutions that fit our usage demand,” says Stewart Carson, Burra Foods general manager supply chain and manufacturing.

“Partnering with Flow Power and sourcing a steady supply of clean, renewable energy is a major step toward our facility being powered by 100 percent renewable energy. We remain committed to playing our part in sustainable dairy manufacturing.”

Last year, Flow Power announced the availability of its Renewable Corporate PPAs, giving Australian businesses the opportunity to tap into a globally recognised trend that lowers energy costs and benefits the environment and economy.

During peak periods, Burra Foods can receive up to 1.5 million litres of fresh farm milk for processing every day. The dairy manufacturer required an energy solution that would support its rigorous production schedule, improve its energy efficiency and provide price certainty.

Matthew van der Linden, managing director of Flow Power, comments, “We look forward to working with Burra Foods and are pleased to welcome them as a customer. Traditionally, the dairy industry is a heavy power user that requires a significant amount of power at all stages of the supply chain. This agreement will deliver secure cost-efficient power for a long-term, without compromising on Burra Foods’ sustainability goals.”

“Above all else, Australia’s dairy industry needs cost-effective sustainable energy. PPAs deliver this.”

Renewable Corporate PPAs allow businesses to contribute to a lower carbon economy and reduce overall emissions, while potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs

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