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FLIR opens infrared camera calibration facility in Melbourne

Local owners of FLIR infrared cameras can now have their cameras re-calibrated annually with a new FLIR Systems service laboratory opened in Melbourne.

Re-calibration up to 1,500 degrees C is now possible at the fully-accredited facility at FLIR Systems Australian head office at Notting Hill, says FLIR.

All FLIR cameras should be checked annually for accuracy and to comply with quality assurance certification, the company says.

Maintaining the camera’s calibration accuracy ensures the camera’s electronics convert radiance values to correct temperatures using the known emissivity of the target object, says FLIR.

The Notting Hill laboratory is fully equipped to handle ‘blackbody’ measurements at known temperatures, radiance levels, emissivities and distances — a service to keep the camera ‘within-spec’ and up until now only available by shipping cameras overseas.

FLIR Systems Australia managing director, Roger Christiansz, said: “Cameras can now be fully serviced, repaired and re-calibrated here in Australia. This not only represents a significant cost saving for our clients in reduced freight and handling, it also minimises the disruption and downtime to their business, ensuring they can continue to provide an accurate and reliable service with their instruments regularly calibrated.”

The laboratory is equipped to handle all FLIR cameras as well as Agema, Inframetrics, Cedip and Indigo brands.

Service Manager Mehmet Mehmet has 12 years experience in FLIR infrared cameras and all aspects of maintenance, warranty and camera service, the company says.

Factory trained by FLIR Systems in Sweden, Belgium, England and France, Mehmet is assisted by IR electronics trainee Michael Clark.

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