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Henkel Technologies Hazardous Chemical Filling Machine

Oakleigh, VIC

A state-of-the-art fully automatic drum filling machine has dramatically increased filling safety standards and efficiencies at Henkel Technologies. The machine was designed and manufactured locally by Flex Pack to comply with Henkel’s new global safety standard.

The system comprises a powered roller conveyor with a fully enclosed central filling station with the operator completely isolated from liquids and fumes. The machine has a three-axis robotic drive system with PLC-based controls.

The fill head is made from polypropylene and is immune to the effects of aggressive chemicals. A weigh scale batching system detects the amount of liquid filling into the container and is capable of accuracy to +/- 0.25 per cent whether filling 20, 200 or 1000-litre containers.

“It is a unique system because it can handle extremely dangerous chemicals while still being efficient to operate,” Flex Pack director Mark Brown said. “It meets all the design criteria and is a fascinating machine.”

Previously, Henkel employees were wearing protective clothing while manually filling drums with toxic chemicals. However, the innovative design of Flex Pack’s new filling system means Henkel workers are now completely isolated from dangerous liquids and fumes.

“It was essential we had a machine that protected the operator,” Henkel’s engineering and maintenance manager, Peter Petrucci said. “We wanted it to predominantly handle toxic chemicals, but because of the ease of operation, it can handle anything and has virtually eliminated spill risks.”

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