Five MORE career changing videos you need to stream now

Five MORE career changing videos you need to stream now

What really sets successful engineers apart is not just pure technical ability, but a healthy attitude to learning and staying curious.

As modern engineering transitions from isolated industrial fields to interconnected systems, it’s never been more vital to curate the skills that keep you curious. In any engineering career, moving forward and making progress means being a lifelong learner.

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Here are five more videos you can stream right now to help you build skills and those Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours:

1. How to remove barriers to innovation from within your organisation

Join Google’s Scott Thomson as you learn how you can accelerate your career by mastering innovation.

Many engineers are frustrated by internal blockers to innovation that stifle creativity and business outcomes. Scott, Google’s Head of Innovation, will run through a 3-step plan that unlocks innovation to drive business growth and take your career to the next level.

2. Morality and ethics in automation

Automation affects all aspects of life, from the factory floor to the back-office work. It now pervades human interaction environments such as client/business engagements, or driverless cars and drone delivery systems. As usual, automation is driven by techno-economic terms through gains in productivity and/or quality measures.

Who takes responsibility for the actions in automation? Could a machine have an ethical responsibility? This webinar discusses ideas and frameworks for how to handle this dilemma.

3. Engineering contracts 101

Why does an engineer need to understand the law? Isn’t that what lawyers do?
One of the most likely reasons you could be sued as an engineer or engineering company is for ‘breach of contract’.

Everything that an engineer does over the course of any project, large or small, is governed by the contract that was signed at the outset as much as the laws of mathematics and materials.

Join lawyer Melissa Kirby, who specializes in working with engineering and technical professionals, as she guides you through contracts and how to use them to best protect yourself and your professional reputation.

4. Building confidence and defining success

How do you define success? In this two-part series, speaker Yemi Penn guides you through the six fear pillars that are responsible for indecision, which ultimately comes from knocked confidence.

Leave with a diversified toolkit that empowers you to bring your full self to work without fear of judgement or imposter syndrome.

5. How your behavioural style impacts how you communicate and lead

The best communicators and leaders are the ones who recognise and harness the diversity that different people bring to the workplace. By learning how to be flexible and work with the needs of others, you can influence others, gain buy in, and increase your presence.

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