Five minutes with Frank Schrever

In the PACE hot seat is Frank Schrever, Principal Consultant, Machine Safety By Design.

How did you come to be in this industry?
Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know. I started my career in the scientific instrument industry working for US and European owned subsidiaries, ultimately rising to CEO of one.

In this environment you meet and develop relationships with a lot of wonderful, clever people who progress their own careers quite quickly.

One such German colleague had moved into a high position at Pilz 10 years after we had worked together in other companies. 

He subsequently came to Australia to develop the business here and looked me up to help. One thing led to another and he offered me the opportunity to establish their Australian subsidiary.

We quickly became the knowledge leaders in safe automation industry. It was a fun journey.

What's the best business idea you have that you will never use?
Continuous business growth forever. This is of course, just not possible. Yet, all business plans are based on this assumption.

Is a sustainable business without growth possible? I'll leave the readers to ponder that open ended question.

What do you see are the biggest opportunities for our industry?
We still have one million employees in manufacturing in Australia, four times the number employed in mining.

Manufacturing is under stress because of the high dollar and other factors, however the talent and infrastructure is still here. If this can be tapped and properly supported, concentrating on advanced manufacturing techniques, the future will be very bright.

What's the greatest challenge in your job?
As always, trying to get the right balance between work and play. With all our modern tools and devices, just finding time to think and reflect without any other inputs is a challenge.

If you could be anything else, what would it be?
A world class gymnast. I always thought it would be really great to be able to do back flips, just for the hell of it. (And not be criticised like the pollies are, for doing the same thing.)

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