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First robotic process automation app released

Automation Anywhere has released the first mobile app for the robotic process automation (RPA) industry to securely manage bots using a digital platform.

The app allows users to start, stop, pause or resume bots, monitor the status of bots, and measures the ROI from their digital workforce in real-time.

Abhijit Kakhandiki, Automation Anywhere’s senior vice president, said that the new app would enable businesses to automate and control bots from their mobile devices.

“It’s estimated that individuals spend an average of four hours a day on their mobile devices,” Kakhandiki said.

Kakhandiki said that the new app is part of the company’s vision of helping organisations create an enterprise where human beings are not working like robots doing repetitive manual processes to compensate for the lack of automation, but are instead able to perform other tasks.

“The ability to control bots and manage the entire digital workforce from a mobile device, always within easy reach is a gamechanger,” he said.

The app is the first secure mobile, on-demand solution for the RPA industry to help enterprises rapidly transition to digital control of processes.

Maureen Fleming, program vice president of IDC’s Intelligent Process Automaton research, would help boost robotic automation processes.

“Being able to kick off or cancel a bot from a mobile app becomes table stakes for evolving RPA,” Fleming said.

“As bots incorporate more AI and become more event-driven, the types of tasks available to be automated from a mobile device will explode.”

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