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Fieldbus Foundation will participate in ISA EXPO 2009

The Fieldbus Foundation will participate in the ISA104 standards committee booth (number 1117) at ISA EXPO 2009 in Texas, United States on 6—8 October 2009.

The exhibition will showcase advancements in digital automation and wireless technology, and explore the benefits of Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) in the maintenance and setup of field devices.

The ISA104 standards committee adopts and promotes the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IEC 61804 standard, which specifies a generic Electronic Device Description (EDD) language to describe the properties of automation system components.

The ISA 104 committee also works closely with the IEC SC65E Working Group 7 on any enhancements made in IEC 61804.

The ISA 104 booth at ISA EXPO will display the latest industrial automation solutions, including hosts, handheld devices, transmitters, drives, valve positioners and workbenches.

The exhibition will also present live demonstrations of Foundation fieldbus, HART and Profibus technology.

The ISA104 committee is sponsoring a series of educational seminars at ISA EXPO concerning the end-user benefits of EDDL and the latest ISA 104 standards developments.

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