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Fieldbus Foundation releases positioner transducer block specification

The Fieldbus Foundation has announced that its FOUNDATION fieldbus Positioner Transducer Block final specification is now available.

The new specification release supports the implementation of advanced field diagnostics capabilities benefiting end-users of FOUNDATION fieldbus technology.

The Fieldbus Foundation’s specifications define the open, non-proprietary FOUNDATION fieldbus protocol.

The technology provides an all-digital, two-way, multi-drop communications link among intelligent field devices and automation systems. It serves as the Local Area Network (LAN) for instruments used in process automation, and has a built-in capability to distribute the control application across the network.

The latest FOUNDATION fieldbus specification release includes:

• FF-906 Positioner Transducer Block Final Specification (Version FS 1.0)

• FF-902 Transducer Block Common Structures (Version FS 1.2)

• FF-846 Device Coupler Test Specification Phase I (Version FS 1.1)

• AN-007 Device Replacement Application Note

• An-012 Mode Use in Transducer Block Application Note

• TN-017 Response to a CD Technical Note

The FOUNDATION fieldbus Positioner Transducer Block Specification is a key resource supporting the organsation and integration of advanced device diagnostics within fieldbus systems.

The specification provides standard definitions for positioner transducer blocks, including an analog positioner for basic and complex device access, a discrete positioner for basic and complex device access, and a combination analog/discrete positioner for basic and complex device access.

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