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Fieldbus announces first educational institutions offering certified training

The first worldwide fieldbus training courses certified under the Foundation Certified Training Program (FCTP) will be held at select United States institutions, and will establish unified standards for fieldbus educational curriculum.

Fieldbus Foundation announced that US-based STC Brielle and the Fieldbus Center at Lee College are the first educational institutions worldwide to offer the training.

The courses will define acceptable levels of learning for students of the technology.

The FCTP is intended to raise the visibility and prestige of institutions offering certified Foundation training to a new and exclusive level, says the Foundation.

Educational facilities successfully completing a multi-stage certification process can issue certificates showing the Fieldbus Foundation accredits their courses. They also gain recognition from the foundation on its website at

The FCTP is a comprehensive initiative benefiting the entire industrial automation community — particularly in today’s challenging economy and employment market, says the organisation.

The program currently offers three levels of certification; additional certifications may be added in the future.

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