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Field and device network products seminar

The Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation (IICA) is holding an ISA training course to help engineers compare field and device networks.

Called Picking the Right Bus — A Comparison of Field and Device Networks, the event will be held on Tuesday 20th October at Kirribilli Club in North Sydney, New South Wales.

“The industrial market is flooded with different field, device, and sensor buses, all being promoted as the ideal solution for the plant floor,” said a notice from IICA.

“There is little doubt that buses can save your company money, but how do you select the right one and will it really have a significant economic impact?”

This seminar provides an unbiased view of the fieldbus marketplace so engineers can make informed decisions. IICA will take an in-depth look at today’s dominant fieldbus technologies and compare their technologies and features.

The event will also cover emerging Ethernet-based fieldbuses.

Several case histories of fieldbus applications in new and existing plant sites illustrate the potential benefits and pitfalls of each bus technology.

Register now on the IICA website.

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