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Field-accessible HMI faceplate for simple switch diagnostics

HMI faceplates for the Advanced Managed Switches of the FL Switch 7000 family from Phoenix Contact are now available for easy diagnostics and configuration in the field.

The switches support the Device Level Ring protocol (DLR) in the EtherNet/IP environment for practically seamless switching times of less than three milliseconds and the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). 

With the HMI faceplates, important network diagnostic information can be accessed and port-specific configurations can be carried out in the field via operating systems in EtherNet/IP networks. 

Thanks to the preconfigured use of CIP information, startup is possible with no additional programming. 

The HMI faceplates enable the immediate detection of changes in the machine network such as link loss at a port, failure of a power supply or activation of the DLR redundancy mechanism. 

This means the user can act fast and initiate the relevant maintenance measures when problems occur. The faceplate files and a quick start guide can be downloaded from the item detail page for the switches.

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