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Festo Online Shop boosts business in remote areas

Internet sales have boosted business at Morwell-based Hydraulic & Pneumatic, a Festo distributor, since the launch of the Festo Online Shop, the company said.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic’s client base in the Morwell area is spread across industries like mills, power generation, food manufacturing, logging and agriculture, all of which can gain easy access to Festo products through its Online Shop, said a company spokesman, Paul Needham.

While visiting customers in the Morwell area previously meant that Hydraulic & Pneumatic’s sales team spent a lot of time travelling, the Testo Online Shop has been a “boon for business” in remote areas, Needham said.

“We’ve been partnering with Festo as a distributor for about five years now and with their support we’ve been able to grow our business substantially,” he said.

“We sell a diverse range of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment brands, however when it comes to pneumatics over 80 per cent is Festo – as they have the range, their quality is excellent and their support is unmatched.

“And with Festo you know they’ll lead the way with innovative products, application solutions and time saving support through their website and digital catalogue on DVD which benefits both us and our customers.”

Hydraulic & Pneumatic has been looking after the pneumatic and hydraulic needs of industry throughout the greater Gippsland area for over 30 years, providing system design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, sales and in-shop or on-site servicing.

“With the digital catalogue it has enabled us to load the Festo Product Catalogue onto our customers’ computers so we can review product selection and specifications over the phone as opposed to being there in person. Some of our clients are almost two hours away, so the digital catalogue saves us time, money and stress,” said Needham.

“But the biggest change to our business without doubt was the introduction of the Festo Online Shop into Australia about three years ago, as it really revolutionised the way we did business.

“From overnight we went from a phone and fax reliant ordering procedure to having 24 hour a day, seven day a week access to information like stock availability, specifications, pricing and delivery tracking.

“And the real advantage with the Festo Online Shop is that we can access it from anywhere, whether in the office, a customer’s office, or at home. This translates to immediate answers on product specifications and delivery — which our clients love.”

Visit the Festo online shop here.

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