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FDT Group to demonstrate Open Communications Interface Technology

As part of the Bus Station arena, the FDT Group booth will display its technology offerings to leading automation professionals from around the globe at the ISA Expo in Houston, Texas.

Demonstrating how FDT Technology provides Open Access to Device Intelligence, three live demonstration kiosks will be present showcasing device/system interoperability, ease of setup and configuration, innovative diagnostics and standardisation to SP103 in a multi-vendor environment.

Across three widely accepted protocols; HART, FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus and Profibus, these demos will illustrate how FDT Technology supports all phases of a plant life cycle.

Presentations will be offered from the Bus Station theatre on What is FDT Technology? Presented by Geoff Wickens, Marketing Committee member for the FDT Group, this presentation will answer frequently asked questions such as, How does this technology fit in?, Where is it needed?, and more. To further deepen the understanding of this technology, a presentation on the Application of DTM Technology to Field Device Diagnostics and Plant Asset Management will be presented by Ahmad Zahedi, Chairman of the ISA103 standards committee. Lastly, Vincent Palughi from Chevron will provide an end user perspective on the utilization of FDT Technology with his presentation on How Chevron Uses Device Type Manager.

Other FDT Technology presentations will be available at other theatres on the show floor.

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