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Fast live image microscopy cameras

Jenoptik Progres Gryphax microscopy cameras are suitable for industries in quality control and controlling manufacturing as they are equipped with sensitive CMOS sensors that produce fast, live images in high definition. They come with image capture software, a modern USB 3.0 interface and a convenient graphical user interface.

The Gryphax microscope cameras have a large sensor format for microscopy. They are fast and convenient due to the high image refresh rates and short exposure times. Colours are accurately reproduced with extremely fine gradations and accurate representation of small details. The cameras also enable moving objects to be examined with minimal effort.

The cameras fit any microscope and include software that comes with free updates. The range comes with three models: the Gryphax Subra, Gryphax Naos and Gryphax Arktur. The Gryphax Subra is a full HD colour camera with a larger sensor format than CMOS cameras. The Gryphax NAOS is a 20MP colour camera that uses a back illuminated 2.5cm CMOS sensor and the Gryphax Arktur is 8MP with a back illuminated 2/3 inch CMOS sensor.

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