Falk scores the leading performance in the production of grid couplings


Herman Falk first started his machining workshop more than 125 years ago, and today the Falk name has become synonymous with grid couplings across the industrial landscape.  

Falk was one of the first to develop “cast welding” for reinforcing joint connections and has since gone on to champion the process of shot peening, which compresses the surface molecules of a component to increase strength and torsional ability. 

The Rexnord Falk Steelflex couplings house tapered grids that are constructed from high-strength alloy steel, and are quenched, and tempered to spring hardness. The grid surface is then precision shot peened.

This precision technology was originally used in the production of sophisticated aircraft components, according to Steve Hittmann, CBC’s National Product Manager for Mechanical Drive Systems and Belt Drives. “The effect is a dramatic increase in strength and torque ratings, and a much longer life expectancy for the coupling,” he says.  

Thong Phabmixay, Sales and Application Engineer for Rexnord, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Prior to working for Rexnord, he worked as a Product Manager, specialising in Power Transmission products for over 29 years. 

Today, Rexnord and CBC enjoy a longstanding partnership spanning more than 15 years and marked by excellent communication, custom in-house machining efforts, joint calls to customer sites and collaborative training initiatives. 

Drawing on that knowledge and background, Thong explains the patented technology that sets Rexnord Falk Steelflex grid couplings apart from the other leading players in the market. 

“Third party testing revealed that Rexnord’s Falk Steelflex Grid couplings are 4.7 times more durable than a leading competitor’s grid couplings, and up to 16 times more durable than other brands,” explains Thong. 

“Competitors have marketed their grid elements as interchangeable with Rexnord’s Falk Steelflex grid coupling, and by outward appearances the couplings do look similar,” he says. “But customers really should be made aware that a significant gap in performance still remains between brands.”

“Interchanging parts between on a Falk Steelflex grid coupling may succeed initially, but ultimately the durability and performance of the coupling will be compromised by interchanging components with other brands,” adds Thong. 

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