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EyeVision Software now has a Q-DAS Plugin

There is a new plug-in available for the EyeVision software. With this plug-in it will be easy to transfer the measurement and test values of the EyeVision software to the SPC system Q-DAS.

The Q-DAS plug-in can provide the Q-DAS system with the measured data of the EyeVision software in an ASCII-transfer format. Therefore the production process is automatically statistically monitored.

Due to the use of automated measuring systems such as e.g. a measurement station equipped with an EyeCheck smart camera with its integrated EyeVision software, the amount of the inspection data, which has to be evaluated and processed, increases.

Another special task is to filter the measurement data to find the crucial data and intervene at an early stage of the production. The new Q-DAS plug-in can transfer the monitored inspection data automatically for evaluation and the data can be compared to the specifications of the process.

The Q-DAS plug-in of EyeVision 3 not only makes the data evaluation easy, but also saves power and other resources such as hardware and maintenance requirements. In the past special adapters in the control cabinet or interface boards in the PC were necessary to network the control. But nowadays most plants are equipped with Ethernet interfaces. Therefore it is easier than ever to collect the measurement values and additional data, which are already in the control, via Ethernet.

The Q-DAS plug-in for EyeVision 3 makes the data processing easier for all who work with great amount of data.

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