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Expert Sensors & Support is Going Global

In the highly competitive manufacturing landscape that demands high output while hard pressed to reduce operational costs, breakdowns along the production line can have costly ramifications with associated downtime.

With sensors playing such a significant role in the daily workings of the manufacturing industry, effective factory automation systems and strong partnerships with sensor specialists can lead to optimum efficiency and productivity while reducing downtime associated with sensor related issues.  

Manufacturing companies must take full advantage of businesses that offer comprehensive sensor expertise and industrial automation support from a single source; saving time and money. The faster problems are resolved, the better for everyone involved.

Australian access to global sensor expertise

Access is often an issue faced by companies when they require high volumes of products and support services close to home. Those businesses that have access to the integration of services, application support and training no matter where they are in the world will be at an advantage to their competitors.

Launching a new Australian subsidiary supplying a Global range of sensors to the Australian market is Balluff; an internationally recognised sensor and industrial automation expert with over 50 years of sensor experience.

When it comes to sensors, it is not a case of one type fits all applications. But with a new custom built facility, a wide range of high quality, economically priced sensing technologies will be available from an Australian location; lowering customers’ costs and reducing time taken to receive products and support.

The Global range includes common sensing technologies such as photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic and magnetic field sensors, tailored to individual applications, along with standard accessories such as mounting brackets, power supplies and passive connector systems. 

Balluff custom built facility and consultation service providing supreme support

Focused on high volume applications with standard housings and interfaces, the Global sensor range, being launched alongside Balluff’s new Australian subsidiary and custom built facility will offer customers various sensing technologies all manufactured to the highest quality in a fully automated production facility.

Experienced technical sales engineers are available to visit sites to look at necessary applications and provide a consultation service, ensuring that customers receive application-specific solutions, comprehensive services, individual consultation and prompt service and support.

For more information on Balluff’s Global sensor range and new Australian facility, visit or download the Global Sensor catalogue here.

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