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EXAIR’s new no drip atomising nozzles positively stop liquid flow

Compressed Air Australia presents a new range of siphon fed atomising
spray nozzles designed to prevent drip in various liquid spray applications.

EXAIR’s no drip atomising nozzles do not require any liquid pressure and
can be used with gravity fed liquids or to lift liquids from a siphon height up
to 36 inches (91cm). Siphon fed nozzles can be used on liquids up to 200

Similar in function to EXAIR’s standard atomising nozzles, the new no
drip siphon fed atomising spray nozzles additionally have the ability to
positively stop liquid flow when compressed air is shut off.

Post-spray liquid flow is a major issue in any spray application with
the unwanted drips ruining product function on sealing or mating surfaces.
Drips can also spoil the appearance of painted or coated finishes. Material
wastage is another consequence of excess liquid flow especially when working
with expensive coatings or chemicals.

EXAIR’s no drip atomising nozzles are recommended for spray applications
that do not permit post-spray drip. Once the compressed air supply is shut off,
the no drip nozzle positively seals off the flow of liquid, eliminating the
possibility of drips.

Distributed by Compressed Air Australia, EXAIR’s no drip siphon fed atomising
nozzles are available in a round pattern and a flat fan pattern. The no drip atomising
nozzles find application in painting, coating, rinsing, cooling, quenching,
wetting, humidification and dust control.

Key features also include compact
design; patent-pending no drip mechanism; interchangeable liquid and air caps; CE
compliance; and conflict mineral-free. 

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