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Exact Flow flow meters to be used in Formula One racing cars

Precision flow measurement instrumentation provider Exact Flow will provide dual-rotor turbine flow meter technology for use on Formula One race cars.

Chosen for their repeatability of ±0.02 percent, dual-rotor turbine flow meters are small, lightweight and rugged, and do not require straight fuel line sections for flow conditioning, according to Exact Flow.

These turbine meters will help race teams cope with a Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) rule change prohibiting mid-race refueling, which will be imposed beginning with the 2010 season.

Formula One teams will have to dramatically rethink existing car designs and racing strategies in order to cater to the new refueling regulation, says Exact Flow.

According to FIA, refueling during a race will be forbidden in order to save the cost of transporting refueling equipment and increase the incentive for engine builders to improve fuel economy.

Exact Flow application engineer, Regan Morrison, said, “We provide advanced dual-rotor turbine flow meters, which can be custom designed for installation onboard Formula One race cars to measure engine fuel consumption.

“Our dual-rotor meter technology is the most precise liquid flow measurement solution available today and will help our customers achieve an advantage in the highly competitive Formula One racing series.”

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