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EVlink charging station for Toyota Motorsport electric vehicle

Schneider Electric has provided a customised electric vehicle EVlink DC quick charging station for Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG).

TMG is a high-performance engineering services supplier which is pioneering motorsport-related EV technology as well as alternative drive train and infrastructure integration.

The EVlink charging station has recently been used to charge the TMG EV P002, which competed in the electric title in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado on June 30, 2013.

This year Rod Millen, a multiple record-setter at Pikes Peak, drove the TMG EV P002, coming in fourth in the class. At last year’s competition, the electric division crown went to the TMG EV P002 driver Fumio Nutahara, with a record-breaking time of 10 minutes 15.380 seconds.

The customised Schneider Electric quick charger designed by the EVlink Tender & Project team in collaboration with TMG engineers is a unique solution developed for the specific needs of the car that allows it to charge without a grid connection, from the mountainside.

The EVlink DC quick charger is mounted in a Toyota Hiace and includes a 42 kWh lithium ion battery, which charges directly from the AC power grid.

After an overnight charge, it is an independent source of power that is able to quickly deliver high levels of power to the TMG EV P002 without additional installation or infrastructure.

EVlink is a complete electric vehicle charging solution that delivers flexibility, safety, reliability, and compatibility.

Schneider Electric intends to play a major role in delivering charging solutions that adapt to emerging EV models, evolve with the business of its customers, and support their environmental commitment.

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