Everything you need to Build and Maintain your Panel


RS PRO are experts in Industrial Control Panels. And for good reason. They are the control centre of countless industrial operations, and without them production stands still.  

This guide gives buyers, and experts alike, a quick guide to the ins and outs of control panels. 

Where to start? 

Panels are effectively the brains, containing the components necessary to control and manage devices, electrical systems, production plants and industrial machines. They function as the interface point between the machine operator and the production line, and transmit acoustic, visual, and video signals to ensure constant monitoring. The operator input commands can be completely digital (touch screen panel) or physical (buttons, switches) while the output signals (machine side) are sound and visual alarms, and video responses on how the plant is working. 


From the outside 

The meters on the outside serve as an interface with a machine-operator and employee. They display energy, temperature, counters, and voltmeters.  The ammeters show the numerical values that the panel commands and switch to intervene on the machinery. This can turn the machinery on and off and use sounders & beacons to signal possible problems. 

The human touch 

RS PRO now boasts a human-machine interface (HMI) for the first time in its range. A user-friendly and interactive touchscreen panel displays the plant graphically, enabling users to operate and evaluate functionality via the software. The graphic interface can be programmed, and reprogrammed for different functions and in the case of modifications to the plant.  

Inside the Box 

A panel cannot exist without an enclosure containing all its components. Known as a wall box even if it does not hang exclusively on walls. 

The DIN Rail components contain everything from power supplies and contactors, relays, terminal blocks and Ethernet switches, to timer relays and axial fans.  Connected by cables  and wires, they’re organised using cable management solutions, such as cable ties and markers.  

Wiring and Control  

The VDE Tools or 1000V ToolsFirst are instrumental in assembling and wiring up all the elements. For laymen, these are known as screwdrivers, pliers and cutters. 

After installation and wiring, everything must be checked to ensure it is properly assembled. This is the control phase.  This check, carried out in the early stage, includes set-up, programming and start-up activities.  

The Test & Measurement (T&M) instruments are activated during the monitoring phase.  Multimeters, clamp meters, and thermal imaging cameras ensure everything is working correctly.  Finally, alarms are activated to ensure safety. 

Expanded RS PRO Panel range 

Panels are the brains of operations and can be adapted to suit and enhance operations. 

RS PRO has expanded their range and includes thousands of products for the inside and outside of panels, from standard applications to harsh environments. All this, with RS PRO quality and guarantee to meet industrial requirements. 

For more information on the expanded products, visit https://au.rs-online.com.

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