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VEGAPULS 64 saves owners of cargo and LPG tankers money

The new radar level gauge VEGAPULS 64 from VEGA Grieshaber KG is the world’s first radar level sensor for liquids that can detect down to the very last millimetre at the bottom of storage tanks on ships. This is made possible by the higher 80 GHz frequency range: Because of the tightly focused measuring beam, only a very small liquid surface area at the tank bottom is needed to determine the exact level.

On large tankers, one millimetre of filling height usually corresponds to thousands of litres of crude oil or fuel. In the past, level measurement near the tank bottom proved to be very difficult. Since heating coils are installed there, a relatively large space between the heating coils had to be left free or modified for the radar measurement to read to the bottom, which meant that the ship owner incurred additional construction costs. The new VEGAPULS 64 with 80-GHz frequency can now measure the filling level over a considerably smaller open area at the bottom of a tank.

What is more, the new VEGAPULS 64 can measure liquids with low dielectric constants, such as crude oil, fuels, even LPG, much more accurately. Thanks to the considerably shorter wavelength of the 80 GHz signals from VEGAPULS 64, it’s a lot easier to measure down to the very bottom of the container – even the last millimetre of product can be reliably detected.

Notwithstanding the high frequency, measurement under extreme measuring conditions such as turbulent product surface, build up and condensation is even more reliable than before. The encapsulated antenna system ensures that the new VEGAPULS 64 works reliably and maintenance free, even in rough seas. Added together, these advantages reduce costs and save ship owners a lot of money.

Fore more information about Vega’s radar technology, click here.

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