Olympus to showcase industrial instrumentation at AOG 2017

Olympus will feature some of its extensive range of inspection and measurement systems at Australia’s largest oil and gas exhibition. The 2017 Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition (AOG) will be held at the Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre from 22-24 February.

Experienced Olympus staff will be sharing their knowledge with delegates. Engineers, technicians, facility managers and asset owners will have the opportunity to learn more about the types of instrumentation available to the industry and the applications of Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and Handheld XRF.

The company’s national product specialist, Richard Nowak, will be demonstrating corrosion mapping at the NDT practical workshop, which is part of the AOG 2017 Knowledge Forum. Nowak will discuss how advances in technology have made it possible to map the remaining wall thickness of pipes and plates affected by microbial induced corrosion, and similar pitting type corrosions.

As part of the trade exhibition, Olympus will demonstrate a “new era of precision” for RVI with a videoscape with great measurement accuracy. The iPlex industrial videoscope can be used for a broad range of applications and is the new “gold standard” for videoscopes, according to the company’s RVI product specialist.

The company will also be displaying its Vanta hand-held XRF analysers, which have been developed to work in harsh environments, incorporating upgraded electronics, enhanced signal processing and increased incoming X-Ray count rate.

  • Start : 12:00AM 22/02/2016
  • End : 12:00AM 24/02/2016
  • Where :

    Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre