CeBIT Hannover 2017: An immersive world of digitalisation

In late March, the gates will be opening on CeBIT Hannover 2017. The show will feature a wealth of disruptive technologies, new business models and application scenarios – in short, everything needed for the digital transformation of business and government.

In the exhibition halls, 3000 companies from 70 nations will present real-life application scenarios, and a small army of startups will profile their disruptive business models, while at the CeBIT Global Conferences digital visionaries will explore the digital future of business and society.

More specifically, the exhibits and presentations will feature a wide array of new applications for artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

“There is a vast and diverse range of applications for artificial intelligence, particularly in business,” said Oliver Frese, Deutsche Messe managing board member.

“For instance, AI can be used to undertake more comprehensive analyses of big data and link data sets in innovative new ways. Another example is the use of bot systems in communicating with customers.”

Artificial intelligence will also feature heavily at the CeBIT Global Conferences – such as when Google Director of Engineering and internationally renowned AI expert and futurist Ray Kurzweil takes the stage.

“Visitors to Hannover will also see humanoid robots that use artificial intelligence to interact with people,” said Frese.

Drones, too, will be there for all to see in a whole range of applications.

“Drones and unmanned systems have enormous potential for commercial applications, particularly when used in connection with high-performance data analysis and other digital technologies,” said Frese.

“These sorts of integrated drone solutions are already used for the surveillance of industrial facilities and in logistics and transport applications, where they have a very good safety and reliability record.”

Similar things can be said of virtual reality.

“Virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, but it holds enormous promise for many industries,” said Frese.

The upcoming CeBIT show will in fact have a new showcase dedicated entirely to VR and AR (augmented reality) applications.

Driverless car technology and many other concrete digitalisation applications and showcases will also feature in the “discover d!conomy” highlight tour of the show.

Furthermore, the CeBIT Global Conferences are a core part of the CeBIT experience, and this year’s conferences boast a stellar line-up of speakers. Among the big names are Google engineer and futurist Ray Kurzweil, the famed roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, and Stanford professor and social researcher Michal Kosinski. The speaker list also includes someone who is arguably the world’s most famous whistleblower – Ed Snowden. Snowden will be joining the proceedings via live stream from Moscow.

  • Start : 12:00AM 20/03/2017
  • End : 12:00AM 24/03/2017
  • Where :

    Hannover Congress Centrum, Hannover, Germany