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Evaluation kit for motion-control systems

A new evaluation kit from Sensitec is designed for the development of linear- and angular-measurement based motion-control systems.

Sensitec has developed the kit for use in any application where motion is controlled via the measurement and detection of magnetic, electric or mechanical parameters such as angles, paths and positions.

Targeting a range of markets including industrial automation, automotive, aerospace, machine tooling and medical biosensors, the kit features Sensitec’s magnetoresistive sensor technology and enables users to gain experience with the technology. It also allows them to learn about how different factors impact on the resolution of the measurement signal, such as the length of magnetic pole, pitch, and interpolation factor.

The kit was developed as an extension board for an Arduino microcontroller system and enables software adjustment of gain and interpolation factor. Analogue and digital sensor signals can be received and processed by the Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino plug-in kit uses two Wheatstone bridges, which are shifted against each other as part of the sensor technology to facilitate measurement of absolute angles of up to 360° as well as absolute length.

Key applications include automotive sensors that are used at various measuring points in modern cars and commercial vehicles; in automation systems that require precision detection of highly dynamic motions and positions using magneto-resistive sensors; or in machine tooling with integrated sensor solutions for increased reliability.

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