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Eurotherm celebrates 50 years of innovation

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric is celebrating 50 years in business, a journey that began as a modest UK start-up company to a globally recognised brand known for its specialist instrumentation, systems and services.

Today, Eurotherm products touch nearly every aspect of modern life, from the safer car you drive, the electronic circuitry in your phone, to the prescription pills that aid quality of life and your early morning bottle of milk. 

Heat Treatment, Life Sciences, Glass, Plastics, Food & Beverage are Eurotherm’s focus industries and where its application expertise lies.

Eurotherm built on its early successes after the first control product and expanded by recognising the growth potential of industrial electronics. 

Looking to the future, Chris Ashworth, Eurotherm VP, says, “We have an innovative research and product development group implementing new technologies for our focus industries, alongside world class manufacturing operations. Since 2014, we also have the global powerhouse of Schneider Electric to further strengthen our offerings. In turn, the quality of our instrumentation, specialist knowledge within the industry and the integrity of our intellectual property strengthen the industrial offering of Schneider Electric.”

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