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Ethernet Australia launches new industrial Modbus gateway

Ethernet Australia announces the introduction of a new industrial Modbus
gateway developed by global industrial networking specialist Oring.

Designed for easier integration of RS232/422/485 networks, the new IDS-M311
is a 1-port Modbus gateway that facilitates integration of serial devices on
the edge of industrial networks with the Ethernet network. The IDS-M311 also enables
communications between the RTU, ASCII and TCP protocols used in factories.

Higher management and operating efficiency allows different Modbus
equipment with non IP-based interfaces such as DCS, PLC, HMI, electric power
load measurement systems and other sensors or measuring devices to communicate
and exchange data over Ethernet. In addition to communications between Modbus
TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII, the IDS-M311 is able to support up to 16 TCP masters
and 32 requests simultaneously.

Offering support for up to 31 RTU/ASCII devices, the IDS-M311 can
effectively connect a high density of Modbus nodes on the same network, not
only allowing Modbus serial slaves to be integrated with the existing Modbus
TCP networks, but also enabling the serial masters to access Modbus TCP slaves.

Recommended as the most ideal solution to secure
serial-to-Ethernet data communications in harsh operating industrial
environments, the durable IDS-M311 Modbus gateway is rugged and durable with
dual power supplies for redundancy, and features a light, compact enclosure
with DIN rail design. 

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