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Ethernet Australia is now distributing Delta’s NEW Power over Ethernet (PoE) Drive

Basic principle of PoE Power over Ethernet is a technology which enables electrical power to pass over Ethernet cabling at distances up to 100m, it is designed to provide end devices with sufficient power to operate with no need for a local power source.

This technology complements standard Ethernet communication; it does not affect the transmission of data throughout a network.

Benefits of PoE

  • PoE has the ability to transmit data and power over Ethernet cabling at significant distances creates many possibilities for network designers.
  • Efficient Network Design With a PoE system, there is no longer a requirement for AC outlets and/or power supplies to be positioned in close proximity to the PD. With the shackles of power availability removed, the optimum placement of end devices can be considered.
  • Simple low cost installations The amount of equipment required for installations can be greatly reduced. End devices no longer need power supplies, extensive power cabling or AC outlets. Reducing the equipment required also reduces the installation time and complexity and ultimately, removes many potential points of failure in a system.
  • Flexibility The reduction of equipment required allows for the flexible deployment of networks; end devices can be relocated easily and temporary installs require much less time to implement.

Products and applications

There is a growing demand for Industrial grade PoE equipment in many different industry sectors such as factory automation, Intelligent Traffic Control Systems (ITS), Security automation, Transport and Building management systems (BMS). Networks in these industries need to utilise rugged hardware to withstand operation in environments that are un-controlled, they need to be reliable to ensure mission critical operations are always functional and available.

Managed/Unmanaged switches

Managed switches provide advanced network features and remote management capabilities; they are extremely useful when combined with PoE because the PoE power budget can be managed from a central location, typically via a website based graphical user interface (GUI).

Unmanaged switches are completely plug-and-play, they have no configuration interface or options. Their relative simplicity means that they are cost effective devices and hence, extremely low cost networks can be assembled.

PoE has become an extremely useful technology for industrial applications. Today its predominant market driving force is the requirement for connecting IP cameras and Wireless access points; however, more and more end devices are appearing in the market place which takes advantage of PoE, such as sensors, detectors, security access devices, displays and human machine interfaces (HMI).

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