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Ergonomic pendant switch

The Ergonomic pendant switch has been designed to fit more comfortably in the hand and features a button that is easier to press than any other switch.  

Less that 2lbs of actuating force is needed, allowing for easy operation, even for physically challenged users.
The E921KA (A Circuit – normally open) and the E921KC (C Circuit – Transfer) comes with a preassembled 1.8m cable terminated to strip and tin on the open end.  It has a sturdy thermoplastic housing with yellow elastomer button and strain relief.
The double-redundant circuit offers high reliability for critical applications and can also be used as two independent switching circuits.
The Ergonomic Pendant Switch with cable can be used in medical applications requiring long-term use, including Nurse Call Switches or infusion pumps.  It can also be used for instrument controls and controllers and traffic control override.

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