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Equipment rental – A smart choice for today’s process operations

As we enter the Fourth Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), the introduction of cyber-physical systems will lead to the virtualisation of manufacturing automation systems. Continuing on this trend, process control and engineering tasks will be highly specialised, making it paramount you have the right equipment to complete the job.

The fast evolving workplace means that equipment turnover rates are higher than previous generations. One can’t expect to use the wrong or outdated piece of gear to function across multiple processes and operations. Add to this the ongoing costs of upgrading, and capital expenses can quickly snowball, negatively impacting the overall operating liquidity of a business.

While there are a number of factors to consider when procuring equipment, one of the most crucial is simply deciding whether to rent or buy. Purchasing equipment leads to capex restrictions, and if working on a per-project basis, could result in a build-up of obsolete equipment.

Renting on the other hand has bonuses such as low initial costs, no need for additional financing, and payments which can be 100% tax deductible.* Choosing to rent over buying also frees up cash flow, allowing for more effective utilisation of funds.

By choosing to rent with TechRentals you can have the right equipment for the job when required, and not be burdened with the upfront costs of purchasing.

To gain a deeper understanding of the total costs of ownership and efficiency benefits of hiring over outright purchasing, click here to download TechRentals’ free whitepaper.


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