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Equipment cooling firm celebrates 20 years

Industrial electronic equipment-cooling company, Bertech Industrial Environments, is celebrating 20 years in the business.

The company’s specialist cooling for electronic enclosures include industrial air conditioners, heat exchangers and filterfans for cooling industrial control cabinets, and air conditioners for cooling telecommunications shelters, switchrooms, and outside broadcast vans.

Bertech, based in Box Hill South, Victoria, was incepted in 1988 by director, Rob Bertuch, who pioneered the concept of specialist cooling for electronic enclosures in Australia in 1979, according to a press release from the company.

Bertuch introduced the McLean Midwest (now McLean Cooling Technology) range of control cabinet air conditioners and heat exchangers before forming the company, Bertech, to focus specifically on the industrial cooling market.

McLean Cooling Technology offers a range of air conditioners, heat exchangers, and open-loop cooling systems for cooling of industrial electronic cabinets and equipment shelters.

McLean offers an on-going development program which Bertech claims has resulted in the “best range available of indoor industrial enclosure air conditioners”.

The brand offering includes a line of industrial air conditioners for outdoor use (from 200 to 5000W cooling capacity), outdoor shelter air conditioners (6000 to 15,000W), and the new TX-Series air-to-air heat exchangers for outdoor telecommunications enclosures.

McLean Cooling Technology director of sales and marketing in Minneapolis, USA, said: “We are very proud of our association [with Bertech] and it has been a pleasure working with someone as knowledgeable as Rob [Bertuch] in thermal products. Rob has a lot to offer the customers in Australia that goes beyond just selling thermal products. The challenge that we have is to figure out how to ‘clone’ him and fill a few other voids that we have!”

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