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Enterprise analytics from Brisbane conquer US mining

Australian-based Oniqua Pty will work with Newmont Mining Corporation, applying their Analytics Suite of software for standardising data for all their sites and facilitating the implementation of global procedures, benchmarks and site learnings.

Oniqua focuses on mining, processing, energy and utilities, and oil and gas industries that standardise, analyse and optimise maintenance, inventory and procurement content and activities as enablers to driving business performance.

Oniqua’s Analytics Suite (OAS) is expected to improve worldwide maintenance and supply practices along with better management of global contracts and suppliers.

Newmont is deploying Oniqua’s analytic solution to ensure systematic identification of opportunities and the sustainable optimization of maintenance operations at all of its global assets.

Oniqua Pty Ltd and Newmont Mining Corporation have had a successful relationship since 2004 running Inventory Analytics solutions at many Newmont sites providing global visibility and analysis of its operations. This new venture sees implementation of the full suite of Enterprise Analytics solutions offered by Oniqua covering Maintenance, Inventory and Procurement.

Included in the deal is a three year commitment to an enterprise maintenance and services model including mentoring and pre-paid consulting.

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