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Engineers encouraged to file submissions on national AI ethics strategy

Submissions have been invited by the Australian Government on a framework discussion paper about ethics and their application to artificial intelligence (AI) in Australia.

ITEE engineers alongside engineers across all disciplines have been encouraged to have their say in the development of AI going forward.

The government said the paper is intended to be a guide towards integrating policies and strategies to provide a landscape that supports the positive development and use of AI.

“AI has the potential to provide social, economic, and environmental benefits,” the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science stated.

“For Australia to realise these benefits, it’s important for citizens to have trust in how AI is being designed, developed and used by business and government.”

The discussion paper was developed by CSIRO’s data science research and engineering unit, Data61, and was designed to stimulate conversations about AI ethics in this country. The aim is to ensure AI is developed and applied responsibly, according to the government.

The research on the ethics framework was guided by a steering committee of experts from industry, government and community organisations as well as researchers from CSIRO and Data61, the DIIS revealed. In addition, consultative workshops were also held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth last year.

Comments and submissions on the discussion paper close Friday 31 May 2019. These will be published on the DIIS consultation hub unless the author specifies otherwise.

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