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Engineering companies say Business Engine software cuts costs

Accounting and workflow software provider, Happen Business, says it is receiving “growing market responses” from engineering companies in Australia who have installed the company’s Jim2 Business Engine Software, an all-in-one accounting and workflow management solution.

According to Happen Business, its Jim2 Business Engine has a range of facilities which are especially-useful to engineering companies who want to streamline their business workflow, cut costs and increase revenues.

Some of these features include:

• The software is in actual time and is costed, including time sheet entry;

• Offers billable time in manufacture and normal jobs;

• Allows manufacturing ‘on the fly’ with kitting and packaging;

• Ensures security over all functionality and reports; and

• Offers remote database management via Terminal Services.

Kingsgrove-based BVI Engineering installed Jim2 as a management solution that would make information easily-accessible and cut back on administration, says Happen Business. Jim2 enabled BVI Engineering to increase productivity and improve communications between customers and staff, by enabling the employees to add comments to jobs, link purchases to jobs and link manufacturing jobs to sales orders.

“Jim2 has enabled us to cut administration and concentrate on what makes profits. Our customers, many of whom are large corporations, are continually astounded at how much information we have and how quickly we can access it,” BVI Engineering finance director, Robert Bloor.

Queensland-based engineering company Chassis Line, specialising in the heavy haulage industry, searched for a system that could provide a clear window into its broad range of clients and projects, and settled on Jim2, the provider said.

“Chassis Line employees get scattered across a range of projects involving modifications, design, straightening, sandblasting, painting and more. Before Jim2, it was difficult to keep an eye on the progress of each job. Now all the information we need is at the touch of a button,” said Chassis Line production manager, Darren Wood.

Whyalla Hose and Fitting Services Australia has manufactured hydraulic hose and fittings since 1994, and made $300,000 in its inaugural year. Today its revenues reach over $3 million with 17 full time staff.

The business growth and changing working environment added significantly to administration, which decreased productivity and business workflow efficiency. Whyalla Hose and Fitting Services managing director, David Bruce, said he required a software solution which could support the growing customer base.

“Although our business was growing at a healthy rate, we found that specific information took a long time to find or went missing altogether. This was a time when we needed to be making the most of every opportunity and every job, which is why I decided to implement Jim2,” he said.

“The transition to Jim2 was not only seamless, but we could see the difference immediately. With Jim2, my staff can find all relevant information on any stock or job and I have a clear view of where mistakes are being made, and how I can fix them,” he added.

Happen Business managing director, Paul Berger, said the Jim2 Business Engine is especially useful today as most companies are feeling the hardships of a declining economy.

“At a time when every Australian business needs to better manage costs, administration overheads and improve efficiencies, it’s crucial to have solid backend systems and processes. Jim2 provides a way for management to implement a system that actually reduces costs, AND makes you money. It’s a win-win proposition for all our customers,” he said.

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