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Enerpac Porta Power sets optimise safety and efficiency

Enerpac’s latest Porta Power set is ideal for maintenance applications that involve the safe and time-saving application of compact high-pressure hydraulic power for lifting, pushing, pulling, cutting, forming and pressing jobs.

It brings together in a light but durable plastic case some of industry’s most widely used and highly complementary 700 bar (10,000 PSI) precision hydraulic tools and components from the global Enerpac range.

Included are cylinder (from 10-45 tons, depending on type), P392 hand pump, gauge and 1.8m hose. The type of cylinder included in the set can either be a general purpose cylinder, low height cylinder or Flat-Jac® cylinder for easier and safer access into restricted spaces encountered on construction, plumbing, electrical, metalworking, mining and energy, pipeline, infrastructure sites, transport and manufacturing workshops.

“Porta Power sets are great for maintenance jobs that can frequently be done far more safely and quickly with portable hydraulic power replacing slower and hazardous manual methods,” says Mr Darryl Lange, Enerpac National Sales Manager.

“Whether it’s lifting, shifting or positioning beams and components, or enhancing the speed and precision of mechanical maintenance tasks, a Porta Power set will give optimum safety and reliability to the job,” he said.

The tools included in the set are adaptable with the broader range of 700 bar hydraulic equipment from Enerpac, which produces one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of such tools and has been trusted throughout Australasian industry for more than 50 years.

Cylinder Choice

General Purpose Cylinders are available in hundreds of different hydraulic cylinder configurations. They are designed to meet a wide range of industrial applications and come with different force capacities, stroke lengths or height restrictions.

Low Height Cylinders provide the maximum power to height ratio. A compact, low height cylinder design is ideal for confined spaces where other cylinders will not fit.

Flat-Jac® Cylinders are another type of low height cylinders that come with mounting holes for easy fixturing.

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