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Energy Recovery’s PX Devices eliminate downtime in Binningup desal plant expansion

The Southern Seawater Alliance (SSWA) will expand the original Binningup facility in Western Australia with Energy Recovery PX Pressure Exchanger (PX) devices.

Energy Recovery designs and develops energy recovery devices for desalination and other industrial processes.

By utilising ERI’s PX devices, the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant (SSDP) will virtually eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce the energy and costs required to produce an additional 140,000 m3/day of fresh water for a total new capacity of 300,000 m3/day of water for the greater Perth region.

“The operational benefits of installing and running a maintenance-free technology allow us to produce water more reliably and economically,” said Pablo Abril Martorell, general manager at Valoriza Agua.

The Southern Seawater Desalination Plant is the sixth desalination project in Australia to include the PX technology. In total, PX devices are contracted to produce an estimated one million cubic meters of fresh water per day.

“We consider the Water Corp of Australia and the key players in the Southern Seawater Alliance as thought leaders towards furthering the mission of providing fresh water reliably and with the highest energy savings,” said Borja Blanco, senior vice president of ERI.

In addition to the PX, Energy Recovery offers the ERI TurboCharger hydraulic turbine energy recovery devices and the ERI AquaBold and ERI AquaSpire high-pressure pumps.

In total, Energy Recovery has more than 12,000 devices installed worldwide, helping to save more than 9.5 billion kilowatt hours of energy per year.

[Image courtesy Energy Recovery Inc.]

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