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Energy-free water treatment with solar purification

A unique solution to water treatment and purification to potable water for human consumption, emergency or agricultural use is the H2O Optima solar powered water purification unit released in Australia by Melbourne based Water Equipment Plus.

The H2O Optima is designed to treat brackish water or sea water without the need for an external energy source as the process is all powered by solar panels. 

There is also the capacity to link the unit to a generator or mains power source so that round the clock operation complementary to the solar energy input is also available.

The H2O Optima unit removes contaminants including salts, viruses and bacteria using reverse osmosis membranes plus a chlorination system that is also solar powered.

The daily output rate will depend on the type of water being treated but with brackish water a treatment rate of up to 1,700 litres per day is indicative, to about 500 litres per day for sea water.

The H2O Optima unit is portable as the complete unit is carried in a box container with measurements of 1.5 by 1.0 by 0.9 metre with an all up weight of 545 kg.

The box is able to be enclosed in a skid frame for easy movement or relocation.

The three 250 watt capacity solar panels which power the unit fold up into the container for transportation or storage and unfold to lock in position ready for operation.

The H2O Optima unit is designed to be fully automatic and to require no maintenance save for a regular wipe down of the solar panels to remove any dust for maximum energy production and the replacement of the post treatment 25 micron filter cartridges.

There are no moving parts within the unit which will start treatment and production whenever the solar radiation is powerful enough and will run automatically.

It will continue to operate until either solar radiation is no longer powerful enough or post treatment storage tanks are filled.

The water is automatically chlorinated and consequently water outgoing from the unit will remain potable for some days.

The chlorine is made from the salts present in the water by an electrolytic process without the need for consumables.
The membranes used are automatically washed every time the unit is in use and a final automatic washing takes place at the end of each day so that the H2O Optima unit is clean ready for use next day.

Depending on the quality of the water source available a range of post-treatment filtration solutions can also be employed.

Or if the water being treated has a high turbidity a flocculation tank can also be added.

Ms Brionne Gay product specialist at Water Equipment Plus says that the H2O Optima units already have an international user base in the purification of water for daily use, in agricultural or livestock applications, for emergency water treatment needs and in military uses.

“Key advantages include the lightweight, robust, compact and portable dimensions, without a need for specialised personnel to operate.

“I anticipate that the major applications in Australia will be in potable water applications in say remote areas.”

Further technical information on the H2O Solar Powered Water Purification Units can be obtained from Water Equipment Plus on 03 9336 6900 or see www.waterequipment

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