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Emerson’s update to AMS Suite extends basic prediction data to more critical assets

Emerson Process Management has updated the AMS Suite: Machinery Health
Manager, expanding the protection of critical assets to include basic
prediction capabilities with only minimal time and wiring investment.

Emerson’s AMS Machinery Health Manager integrates data
from route-based, online, and wireless vibration solutions as well as
third-party oil and infrared analysis data to provide a complete picture of
machinery health.

The CSI 6500 protection system communicates additional prediction data
to allow users to make real-time decisions on operating their critical assets. These
basic prediction capabilities for the CSI 6500 protection
system will be available in version 5.61 of AMS Suite:
Machinery Health Manager.

Users can receive periodic parameter trends and spectrum/waveform data
delivered on specific intervals using a simple Ethernet connection from the CSI
6500, enabling them to determine the health of sleeve bearings on turbo
machinery. This automated process for acquiring prediction data eliminates the
need to connect to buffered outputs on the protection system and reduces the
risk of inadvertently tripping the machine.

Waveform data from the CSI 6500 is additionally incorporated onto the
circular polar plots available in AMS Machinery Manager v5.61, facilitating
diagnosis of developing valve faults in reciprocating compressors.

Nathan Pettus, vice president of Emerson’s
Reliability Solutions business explains that Emerson offers additional value to
their users by expanding the capabilities in their technology. He reiterates Emerson’s
commitment to developing customer solutions that capture more of the
right data, and delivering it in a way that allows users to make real-time,
quality decisions on how to operate their assets.

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