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Emerson wins US$67 million in valve technologies contracts from Chevron Australia

Emerson Process Management has been awarded contracts by Chevron Australia which are valued at US$67 million to provide control valves and valve actuators to help ensure the efficient and safe flow of natural gas at the Gorgon Project.

Emerson is providing the majority of the control and shutdown valves for this natural gas project off the coast of Western Australia.

Emerson’s valve and valve automation technologies provide the ability to accurately manage the production of gas.

This results in tighter and more accurate control that increases overall system efficiency and safety and helps ensure environmental compliance.

Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers provide automated configuration as well as improved control valve calibration and tuning.

Their built-in diagnostics enable technicians to remotely monitor the health of valve assembly and can alert them to pending issues before they affect operations.

“Our customers are undertaking increasingly larger and more complex projects in challenging on- and offshore sites, where they require sophisticated, reliable gas flow solutions,” said Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson Process Management.

“Prior to installation, we were able to verify the performance of highly critical valves that will be used at Gorgon through, real-world flow testing at the Emerson Innovation Center in Marshalltown, Iowa – the largest flow facility in the world capable of providing this kind of reliability testing.”

The contracts include over 1000 control valves, valve controllers and actuators for applications ranging from inlet gas processing, acid gas removal, liquefaction and fractionation to anti-surge and cryogenic.

The wide scope of applications is matched by various valve materials, to withstand harsh conditions, extreme changes in pressure, and corrosive environments.

Severe service conditions within many of the processes are met by a high number of Fisher noise reduction and anti-cavitation trims.

Additionally, Emerson’s Roxar subsea wet gas meters will be used to provide real-time, accurate measurements of hydrocarbon flow rates and water production.

In addition to support from Emerson Process Management’s engineering, development, and manufacturing facilities in Australia, Emerson is working with its local business partner of 20 years, Perth-based Western Process Controls, to provide training that will help the Gorgon Project’s instrument and valve technicians ensure smooth commissioning and maintenance best practices. 

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