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Emerson wins US$2m valves contract for nuclear power plants

Emerson Process Management has been awarded approximately $2 million in contracts to provide its Fisher control valves for Westinghouse Electric Company’s newest generation of nuclear power plants.

The contracts cover Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear plants to be built in both China and the United States, and agreements are in place to cover an additional $3 million for more plants expected to be built in the United States, Emerson says.

According to Emerson, Westinghouse chose its products based on its nuclear valve experience and control valve designs.

Emerson’s Fisher SS84 valves are used in the AP1000 plants’ pressuriser spray system, which are designed to help maintain reactor coolant temperature. The SS84 valves are updated models designed to provide even easier maintenance and longer service life.

The first use of the valves will be in new AP1000 nuclear plants under construction in China. The Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant, located in Zhejiang Province, will have two reactors in its first stage of development, but the site is designed to handle as many as six reactors.

Construction began in February 2008 with initial operation expected in 2013. The Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant, located in Shandong Province, also has two reactors under construction.

Construction began in July 2008 with operation scheduled for 2014. This site is designed for as many as six reactors.

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