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Emerson unveils their next generation flow computer platform

Emerson Process Management has introduced their next generation flow computer family consisting of both single and dual meter run gas flow computers. 

These field-mounted flow computers provide a new solution to flow metering and flow computing where challenges with power, safety and measurement accuracy are addressed, delivering a more convenient approach to remote oil and gas production sites.

The Flow Computer family consists of the FB1100 and FB1200 serving the explosion-proof environment with an ultra-compact design including integral sensor, battery, and I/O options, providing high integrity fiscal metering with many different flow meter technologies.
In addition, the FB2100 and FB2200 models are packaged for C1D2 hazardous area locations and provide additional I/O capacity and capability along with a packaged enclosure designed to minimize installation time.

The new field-mounted flow computers provide API compliant gas measurement for single or dual meter runs. Extensive alarming, reporting, and event log capabilities provide operators with the required data to ensure optimal measurement certainty and production efficiency.
Emerson’s next generation flow computer family offers an innovative new feature called MobileSCADA.  

MobileSCADA enhances personnel safety by allowing a technician to use their laptop or tablet from within the comfort of their vehicle and avoid hazardous areas. 

This is a feature where the flow computer will host its own secured Wi-Fi network. Once the secured connection is made, the technician can then easily download metering reports and make operational changes to the configuration of the flow computer, provided they have the required security credentials. This improves s operational efficiency by allowing the technician to access data faster.

The flow computer family also features an interactive display which allows the field technician to securely log in and not only view the data, they can also make operational or configuration changes to the flow computer. Through the unique design of the interactive display, the “buttons” are used to navigate the user friendly menus while maintaining the full hazardous area approval. This innovative solution will allow the field technician to make changes without compromising safety. 

Emerson’s next gen flow computer family also comes with a new configuration tool, FBxConnect. 
FBxConnect simplifies configuration with user-friendly wizards and “fill in the blanks” configuration. This includes software to support required calibration or orifice plate changes while maintaining flow calculations.

The new flow computers also come with the latest Rosemount multivariable measurement sensor technology, providing high accuracy differential pressure and static pressure measurement with long term stability to help improve production efficiency.

These flow computers will be available starting late 2015 and are the newest addition to Emerson’s oil and gas fiscal measurement offerings which include SCADA software, RTUs, flow computers, ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters, customized oil & gas applications and integrated wireless solutions.

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