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Emerson unveils safer logistics management software

Emerson Process Management announces the latest version of its logistics management software incorporating new updates to help terminal operators manage material movement safely, securely and efficiently.

Version 4.9 of Emerson’s Syncade Suite manufacturing execution system now equips terminal managers with increased security tools and improved control of material movements and inventory. The updated version of the Syncade Logistics module allows operators to effectively manage the storage and distribution of materials transported by railcars, trucks, ships, barges, and pipelines.

Emerson’s Syncade Suite provides terminal managers visibility of the status and stock ownership of their tanks to safeguard material and operate efficiently.

By allowing operators to view both source and destination tank values, Syncade Logistics enables verification of accurate storage and delivery of the moved quantity. The module also facilitates tighter control of inline blending, tank swing changeovers, and accounting at the line segment level for precise stock allocation.

Key features of Syncade Logistics software also include robust material tracking; automatic generation of Bill of Lading and other required documents, providing customers and regulatory agencies with clear documentation of the materials during transit and storage; terminal security ensured by controlling access to the physical facility and materials, and capturing verification of railcars and trucks via security cards, biometric controls or RFID tags; and archiving of all transactional information enabling quick retrieval for review or analysis.

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