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Emerson to automate Indonesian coal-fired power plant

The company has received a contract to apply its Plantweb digital plant architecture with the Ovation expert control system at the PLTU 2 Banten-Labuan power plant. This new two-unit, 600-MW coal-fired plant is being built in Indonesia’s Banten Longwan Province. The contract was awarded by Chengda Engineering Corporation of China. Emerson is engineering and installing the project.

Emerson’s comprehensive PlantWeb solution includes deployment of the Ovation control system for monitoring and control of the boiler, turbine, burner management system, auxiliary system, which includes water treatment and coal handling, and balance of plant processes.

Emerson will supply a total of 33 Ovation redundant controllers (15 per unit, as well as three that will be common to both units) and 23 workstations (seven per unit, plus six common to both units and three for the auxiliary system). The Ovation system, built specifically to meet the unique needs of the power generation industry, will monitor and control a total of 17,000 hard I/O points.

The contract also includes Emerson’s AMS® Suite predictive maintenance software, which will provide operators with data from HART intelligent field devices located throughout the plant. For new plant construction, AMS Suite streamlines device configuration and commissioning, thereby contributing to more efficient plant startup. It also provides online access to instrument and valve process information, predictive diagnostic information, and automatic documentation of field device maintenance information — all contributing to ongoing efficiency of plant operations and maintenance activities.

Equipment delivery for Unit 1 took place in mid-June 2008 and startup is currently slated for June 2009, while equipment delivery for Unit 2 is scheduled for July 2008 with startup expected in August 2009.

“Initially we selected Emerson because of their proven automation and control technologies,” said Dai Wu, senior engineer, Chengda Engineering Corporation of China. “Since we’ve been working with them, we have become just as impressed with the caliber of their personnel and their in-depth knowledge of power generating equipment and processes.”

“We’re gratified by Chengda’s confidence in Emerson’s state-of-the-art control solutions,” said Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson. “We’re proud to count them among an ever-growing number of organizations around the world that have chosen PlantWeb and Ovation technology to enhance plant reliability and performance.”

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