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Emerson sets up hub to support Asia Pacific customers

Emerson Process Management has announced plans for a Distributed Experience Hub (DEH) in Asia Pacific, unveiling the details at its Performance without Compromise Conference in South Korea.

The new digital hub will link together the company’s technology and service centres in Singapore; Nanjing, China; Pune, India; and Manila, Philippines, transforming them into experience centres for customer collaboration and demonstrations.

Emerson’s DEH brings its experts, processes and technology to the customers’ door step, saving travel time and instantly connecting resources in the virtual space. The DEH is scheduled for customer availability in late 2013.

The centres will provide customers with virtual access to Emerson experts and technologies any time, anywhere

Telecommunications and video at the experience centres enable borderless collaboration with Emerson’s operations and maintenance teams.

The distributed experience project will enable customers located anywhere in Asia Pacific to simultaneously access technology and service centres in Singapore, China, India and the Philippines, as well as Innovation Centres in North America

The DEH will be used to demonstrate the power of an intelligent distributed architecture that makes remote operation, support and supervisory control possible.

With elements of Human Centred Design, field intelligence and IT/video conferencing brought together by this DEH architecture, many of the toughest challenges faced by the industries including talent shortages, hostile locations and process complexity can be overcome.

“As we develop and release new technology, it will be added to the experience centres of our Distributed Experience Hub, giving customers access to the latest solutions for their toughest problems,” commented Sabee Mitra, president of Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific.

“The borderless technology and collaboration with skilled talent across the region empowers automation professionals with practical knowledge on innovations and services that will improve the performance of their plants, projects and operations.”

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