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Emerson releases RTU and HART configuration suite for remote oil & gas field applications

OpenEnterprise Field Tools improves productivity by streamlining configuration and monitoring, helps improve personnel safety by eliminating unnecessary trips to the field.

Emerson Process Management introduces OpenEnterprise™ Field Tools, the world’s first Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and HART configuration suite that enables local and remote configuration and real-time HART device monitoring in remote oil and gas applications such as wellhead automation, flow measurement, and tank overflow protection. 

The software suite streamlines servicing and maintenance of multiple RTU platforms and HART transmitters across remote sites, helping improve operations and field personnel safety.

The new single software toolkit enables the configuration of Emerson’s family of Remote Terminal Units, flow computers and presets including products under the ROC™, FloBoss™, and ControlWave® brands. Additionally, OpenEnterprise Field Tools is a fully-functional HART communicator that supports configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance of all wired HART and WirelessHART® transmitters. 

Field Tools enables the seamless commissioning of HART devices by leveraging HART pass-through via Emerson RTUs and flow computers. HART pass-through enables tunneling over complex SCADA infrastructures using native Emerson RTU communication protocols. 

“Field Tools provides a unique, integrated, safe solution to complex remote device configuration challenges,” said Stuart Miller, vice president of marketing for Emerson’s Remote Automation Solutions business. 

“Installation and field set-up time can now be streamlined by leveraging the single configuration tools suite across both RTUs and field devices. Our field architecture eliminates the need for HART multiplexers as well as the complexity of Modbus data mapping.”

Remote device configuration and monitoring has never been easier. Whether connected locally onsite (via serial connection) or remotely across thousands of miles (over IP connection), all HART devices are within reach. 

Devices that require field personnel attention are highlighted based on HART parameters such as battery voltage, device status and device diagnostics. Once a HART network has been commissioned, there is no longer the need for regular maintenance site visits because Field Tools supports live-mode monitoring of all HART devices connected to an Emerson RTU or flow computer.

Field Tools is universal software that supports HART devices released by the HART Foundation, Emerson and 3rd party manufacturers alike. Moreover, the list of Field Tools’ supported devices is extensible. Additional HART devices can be supported by adding their Device Descriptions (DDs).

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