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Emerson releases enhanced application for virtualised control systems

The DeltaV Virtual Studio v2.3, available from Emerson Process Management is an integrated application providing a simple solution for virtualised
control systems, increasing options for system availability and disaster

With the latest release, Emerson has expanded the virtualisation
capabilities in the DeltaV distributed control system (DCS) for easy
implementation and management of on-line production and off-line development,
test and training systems.

Virtualisation has been used by many large manufacturing companies for
years in their IT departments. DeltaV Virtual Studio is however, designed
specifically for process control systems, and incorporates a workflow and
feature set that is intuitive and familiar to automation engineers.

Prebuilt virtual machine templates enable easy virtual machine creation
without software installation. Every virtual machine created comes with all
standard DeltaV system operating settings and network connections pre-defined
to ensure consistent, error-free configuration and implementation.

New features in the latest DeltaV Virtual Studio v2.3 release include
enhanced high availability and disaster recovery options; various architecture
and hardware solutions allowing facility managers to pick the level of
availability required by their system in response to any possible disruptive
event; and ability to live-migrate critical applications from affected hardware
to minimise downtime during system maintenance or hardware upgrades.

Emerson’s chief strategic officer Peter Zornio explains that their customers
recognise the benefits offered by virtualisation for workstation consolidation
and ease of system maintenance; however, they need those benefits without added
complexity and with little or no system downtime. The latest DeltaV Virtual
Studio release allows them to quickly and easily create virtual DeltaV
workstations without the complexity that would previously have required a

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