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Emerson Process Management wins major biopharma contract

A major biopharmaceutical plant in Singapore has contracted Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific to provide engineering and design services along with its PlantWeb and DeltaV digital automation systems to control the processes inside the plant.

Switzerland-based Lonza Group Ltd chose Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific to provide the process control system for a new Lonza biopharmaceutical plant being built in Singapore.

The new facility is intended to expand Lonza’s ability to meet the needs of its leading pharmaceutical customers, and its design is leveraged heavily on that of Lonza’s first Singapore Biopharmaceutical plant, which will be operational in 2009, a notice from the automation provider said.

The win will add to Emerson’s growing customer portfolio of life sciences companies that rely on digital automation with predictive intelligence to reduce overall costs, improve reliability, ensure product quality, meet regulatory requirements, and optimise operations, Emerson said.

“Emerson has an excellent track record in managing and controlling the highly complex processes involved in the biopharmaceutical industry,” said Emerson Process Management president, Steve Sonnenberg.

“This win is yet another example of how companies like Lonza can leverage our global resources and expertise to meet their objectives for safe, reliable, and on-time start-up of new manufacturing facilities.”

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